Loretta Mederios


As an artist Loretta Medeiros paints orchestrating the use of colors concentrating on light, values and shapes, creating with each brushstroke as she brings to life the painting on the canvas before her.  She has a passion for plein air painting producing anything from delicately rendered paintings to impressionistic style paintings from life, study and memory.  Still life paintings are often nostalgic in nature.

Loretta has provided numerous demonstrations and classes at various venues and teaches classes at Workshop 13.  In 2016, Loretta was an award winner in the Academic Artists National Show.  In 2017, she won the President’s award at the annual Monson Art show and most recently been accepted into the Blanche Ames National juried Art Exhibition 2018.  Loretta is a member of Academic Artists.  She works in a variety of mediums including oil, pastel, watercolor, scratch board and acrylic.  Loretta attended the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on a scholarship while in high school, has taken courses at Southeastern MA University, the Worcester Art Museum, a workshop from Timothy Clark, a workshop from Arts Pro-Temp, Linda Percoski, and a workshop in Russian impressionism from master painter Nancy Seamons-Crookston.