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Roc Goudreau

Roc Goudreau Roc Goudreau was born in Ware, Massachusetts where he started his art career at a young age.  After studying painting with Elizabeth Howe Lincoln, he went on to study drawing under Dean G. Keller at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts. During the last 40 years Roc has made a living as a professional […]

Kathleen DeQuence Anderson

Kathleen DeQuence Anderson Kathleen is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited on the national scene, her art and craft background spans across multiple decades.  Throughout these years Kathleen has created wearable items by means of needle knitting and sewing.  Garments made or designed and constructed have appeared on national television, in yarn shops, […]

Kara Bigda

Kara Bidgda Kara Bigda graduated from Amherst College with a fine arts degree in 1991 and has worked in both education and the insurance industry.  In 2008, after 10 years of employment as an art teacher in the Quabbin Regional School District, Kara resigned from teaching in order to focus her time on painting.  After […]

Gary Lippincott

Gary Lippincott Gary A. Lippincott has been riding to work on the back of a dragon for many years. Having fallen in love with the illustrators of the Golden Age and such contemporary artists as Alan Lee and Brian Froud, his artwork has the style of old-world craftsmanship often found in folk and fairy tales. […]

Loretta Mederios

Loretta Medeiros As an artist Loretta Medeiros paints orchestrating the use of colors concentrating on light, values and shapes, creating with each brushstroke as she brings to life the painting on the canvas before her.  She has a passion for plein air painting producing anything from delicately rendered paintings to impressionistic style paintings from life, […]

Susan Tilton Pecora

Susan Tilton Pecora Susan Tilton Pecora has been painting the streets, harbors, factories and farms of New England throughout her life.  She is a signature member of The New England Watercolor Society, host of the WGBY – PBS affiliate television show “Reflections Through Watercolor”, and member of the Copley Society in Boston.  Her paintings have been […]

Deborah Rubin

Deborah Rubin Deborah Rubin is one of the foremost floral watercolor painters in the country. Born in Chicago in 1948, Rubin holds a BFA from the University of Illinois and did graduate work at the University of Minnesota.  Her flowers have formed the base of over 50 exhibitions, garnered nearly 20 awards and have found […]

Juliet Bacchas

Juliet Bacchas Juliet Bacchas was a child of the Jamaican countryside.  She attended Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing arts in Jamaica where she was honored with several awards.  In her second year she received a bronze medal form the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission, (JCDC). In 2000 she received a silver medal from […]

Tod Beall

Tod Beall, Beall Glass Studio Although born in Michigan, Tod Beall is truly a “New England Yankee”, having lived most of his life in Massachusetts. A Graduate of the University of Hartford in theater arts, he became involved in stained glass in the late 1960’s while managing a local craft supply store. Initially self-taught, he […]

Curt Emmerson

Curtis Emmerson Curtis Emmerson is an artist from western Massachusetts with a passion for wood. He strives to create wonderful objects, allowing the natural beauty and personality of the wood to shine through. All of the wood used in his work is responsibly harvested, and the finishes are as simple and natural as possible.  Curtis […]

Bevlynn Gallant

Bevlynn Gallant Bevlynn Gallant began making jewelry after college when she studied with a private jeweler in Boston. She has a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a masters in teaching from UMASS.   She has enjoyed teaching classes in jewelry making using precious metal clay since 2005. Precious Metal Clay is made by combining finely […]

Susan Harris

Susan Harris spent her early childhood in eastern Mass, frequenting both ocean and forests, contributing to her love of water and nature. Inspired by nature and the world around her, Susan paints water, land and cityscapes, architecture, still life as well as abstracts.  A self-taught artist, Susan has been painting and drawing since she was […]

Elizabeth (Betty) Howe Lincoln

Elizabeth (Betty) Howe Lincoln 1918-2011 Elizabeth Howe Lincoln was a lifelong resident of Ware Massachusetts and prolific artist.  She created landscapes and portraits in oil, watercolor, pastel, and a variety of printmaking methods – her favorite subjects being her hometown of Ware, Quabbin Reservoir, and life with her family and friends. While Roger and ‘Betty’ […]

Linda Spelko

Linda Spelko Linda Spelko’s first exposure to clay was as a freshman in Palmer High School.  Her brother told her that pottery was an easy elective, but to Linda, Clay was her friend, always there, waiting willing to bend and move. After high school she raised her family and after 25 years she began her […]