Teach A Class

Teach A Class

Teach a class

Workshop13 is always accepting class proposals! Our venue welcomes anyone with a passion for learning and teaching: Art, Music, Crafting, Fiber Arts, DIY, Handwork, Writing, Poetry, Dance and more!

For Interested Instructors:

Step 1: Fill out a class proposal form.

Class Proposal for  WORKSHOP13

 Class Proposal for CLAYWORKS 

Step 2: Someone will be in touch with you to schedule a meeting and tour of our space.

Become an instructor – FAQ’s

1) Why should I become an instructor at Workshop13? It’s fun and rewarding, you are supporting the arts in our community, and you’ll make a little money doing something you already love to do!

2)  How much could I make? This depends on the type of class you’re offering and how many of those seats fill. Typically, but not in all cases, instructors receive $25 per hour or 30% of the class tuition, whichever is more.  

3) Can I set-up private lessons in your space? This depends on what you are offering. Contact us for more information. 

4) Who advertises for my class? We do publicity of all of our classes on our website, FB, Twitter and in monthly newsletters. However, we find that instructors who reach out to their own network and put some effort into marketing see a pay-off for their efforts.

5) What happens if my class sells out? Hurray for us all! We’ll offer more dates!

6)  What happens if my class doesn’t fill? It happens to us all, don’t be disappointed! We’ll offer the class again at a later time. We encourage you to reach out to your network of friends and followers!