Ware It’s At

In the Fall of 2024, Workshop13’s ArtWorks Gallery will present:  Ware It’s At!, an exhibition celebrating the people, places and things that are uniquely Ware

We invite ALL artists to come to Ware – often!  to explore and make art in preparation for this Juried Show. The call for art will close mid-August 2024, so you have time to capture the beauty of Ware across four seasons.    

We will be:

·         organizing Plein Air and Photography days – details will be posted on our Website AND social media.

·         posting photos of Ware on our website and social media accounts – which can be used by artists who prefer to work from home

·         posting locations of interest to visit and capture – along with addresses for those looking for suggestsions

·         organizing ways to share stories, information and history of Ware with all – artists and non artists alike.  


Check this page often to keep abreast of Ware It’s At! related activities!

Get creating!

Autumn is here! If you’re interested in participating in Ware It’s At and want some beautiful fall foliage in your imagery, NOW is the time to get to work! This is a fantastic season to go out and capture the beauty of Ware as the leaves change color. So get out your paints, your camera, your pastels, or whatever your medium of choice is and have fun!

Ware to go!

This is a beautiful time of year to visit Grenville Park (73 Church St) and take in the trees. You can also get some fantastic water views along the Swift River.