Northeast Fine Arts Exhibition

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Join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, September 28th, 1pm-5pm, Awards @ 3pm
Exhibition September 28th – October 12th, Fridays, 4pm to 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 1pm to 5pm
People’s Choice Award Voted by the visitors at the opening reception.

Dates to Remember:

September 21st, 11am-1pm | Deliver on-line accepted submissions.

September 21st, 11am-1pm | Pick-up unaccepted work.

September 28th, 1pm – 5pm | Reception, Awards 3pm.

October 12th, 5pm to 6pm | Pick-up end of show work.

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Allen Bourcier, Cynthia Goodrich Falls
Arnold, carol August Mourning
Arnold, Carol Warm Thoughts
Bandarra, Maegan Hadley Grass
Bandarra, Maegan Into the valley
Beckingham, Paul Shortest Day
Beckingham, Paul Lemons
Beckingham, Paul Sugar Bowl
Bigda, Kara Cats & Things
Bigda, Kara Garden Variety
Bobek, Christine Soigne (To Take Care)
Bobek, Christine C.W.
Bordenca, Chris King Kong
Burton, Andrea If Walls Could Talk
Burton, Andrea Golden reflections
Casey, Todd The Entomologist
Cerpovicz, Michael Old Timer
Cerpovicz, Michael Frankie
Cerpovicz, Michael Still Standing
Cichocki, Florence Aggies, Peewees and Shooters
Cichocki, Florence Black-Capped Chickadees
Cichocki, Florence Mike’s Nikes
deGroat, Diane Paul
deGroat, Diane Cat in Hat
Field, Holly Blueberries, red currents, milk & basket.
Field, Holly Peaches
Groff, Barbara Boy With Thorn (Spinario)
Hamlin, Steve High Alert – Snowy Owl
Hamlin, Steve Rockport Rowboats
Harris, Susan Nova Scotia Red Boat
Harris, Susan Twin Peaks Ware
Laba-Barry, Sarah “The Recreation of Fort Louis”
Labich, Christine Quaboag River Bend
Laine, Raquel French Gâble
Laine, Raquel Wonderment
Meyers, Judith Hydrangean Rapture
Meyers, Judith Nothing Gold Can Stay
Meyers, Judith I Have Need of Water Near
Morin, Amy Blue bird
Morin, Amy Morning dove
Morrissey, Leanne Irion Peonies
Morrissey, Leanne Irion Cool Summer
Moser, Eliza Artistic Vision
Phaneuf, Beverly At The Look Out
Phaneuf, Beverly Cape Morning
Phaneuf, Beverly Sterling Bridge
Place, Nina Grandpa Heart
Popolo, Elizabeth Portrait from life
Rhoades, Scott My Grandfather’s Glove
Rhoades, Scott Nature Rocks
Rhoades, Scott Outstanding In His Field
Sanderson, Ruth Render
Saxenian, Stephen Lucy Asadourian
Smith, Joe Deep Cut Gardens
Smith, Joe Il Duomo II
Smith, Joe Millen Pond, 2019
Vignone, Stephanie Along the Pamet River II
Vignone, Stephanie Along the Pamet River IV
Bird, Paula Actual Size
Comerford, Jean Chinese Paintbrush
Comerford, Jean On the Clyde
Corriveau, Beverlee Saturday Cove
Diamond, Michele James Holy Eagle – Lakota Sioux
Diamond, Michele I’m Just Tired
DiSessa, Suzanne Colraine Barn
DiSessa, Suzanne Pitcher with Red Plumbs
Duffy, Roger Genesis 1:11
Graves, Linda Goggle
Graves, Linda Magical Meeting
Hurlburt, Nan Eventide
Hurlburt, Nan The Conversation
Hunt, Clifton Asparagus in Repose
Izatt, Alan Summer Bounty
Izatt, Alan Peggy’s Cove
Izatt, Alan Shabby Sheep Farm
Kern, Jeff Monopoly
Kogo, Yoshi Woman in Green Shibori Kimono
Lastoff, Linda Ever Vigilant
Leno, Lorraine Purple Iris
Mattingly, Matthew The Way Back
Mattingly, Matthew Plum Brook, Winter
Mattingly, Matthew Horizons
Medeiros, Loretta Pelican
Medeiros, Loretta Alaska II
Milbier, Denise Portrait of Stephanie
Reed, Jeanne Abandoned Traditions
Rogan, Michael Late Summer Pastoral
Rogan, Michael Summer Stream
Rogan, Michael Running Stream
Rohan, Bill M
Spielberg, Pam Sam at Nine
Sutter, Rhea Just Engaged
Warka, Teresa Sunny Purr Purr
Wakeen, Sandra We Will Remember
Weisbach, Jonathan Lily
Weisbach, Jonathan Acorns
Weisbach, Paul Jay 44 Dartmouth Street
Weisbach, Paul Jay The Walk Home
Weisbach, Paul Jay My Sunshine
Wilda, Steve The Chosen One
Wrona, Lynn Shasta Daisies

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