The most important reason for becoming a member is knowing your membership helps to support your local arts & cultural community.


Take part in a class that will give you personal satisfaction. You will receive discounted rates on classes– savings of 20% per class on classes over $100. Invitation to quarterly Members Only events. Check out our Events Page for details.


Make new friends while discovering new ideas!

  • Annual Membership Fee
  • 2 Individuals Must Be From The Same Address

To give a membership to your family or friend, you will get a link to give them so they can get the membership discounted to zero which will then create their account and allow them to control it. Once you purchase your membership, you will see a discount code or link in your membership account dashboard under “Sponsors” to give out to your friend(s) or family member(s) and then they will be able to create an account and have it discounted to $0.